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T230 Series
T230 Series
T230 Series
  • T230 Series
  • T230 Series
  • T230 Series

T230 Series

  • Description
    • Commodity name: T230 Series

    Pneumatic chuck design

    The front and rear chuck clamping design is convenient for installation, labor-saving, and no wear and tear. Ensure the stability of feeding and cutting accuracy; Automatic adjustment of the center, suitable for various pipes, high chuck rotation speed, Can improve processing efficiency.


    Intelligent alarm system

    Comprehensive abnormal alarm, which can be pushed to the interface through the control center to detect abnormalities in advance, Reduce hidden dangers and double the effect of equipment abnormality investigation.


    Special cutting head for pipe

    The special cutting head for pipes is powerful, light and flexible, durable, easy to control various types of pipes, and powerful.

    High efficiency "0" tailings

    The humanized design of the whole machine improves the cutting efficiency while making the best use of the raw materials, reducing production costs and achieving "0" tailings.


    Features Parameters

    Machine type XTC-F60023T ◆ XTC-F60035T
    Laser power 1000-3000w
    Maximum speed of chuck 140r/min
    Cutting length 6M/9.2M 
    Clamping range Ø20- Ø230MM◆Ø20- Ø350MM
    Acceleration 1.2G
    Repeatability ±0.02mm
    Positioning accuracy ±0.03mm


    Cut sample

    Cut sample

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